November 14, 2010

Pretty much

If you've ever wondered about us over here, think of us doing pretty much the same things you are doing.

Taping 44 red and green strips of paper into a countdown chain for the kids' room.

Driving around town.
We outgrew the 3-wheeler and opted for his and hers.  I figured hey, if I'm going to have a motorbike, I'm going to go hot pink!
Going out to lunch after Sunday meeting.

Spending time with friends.

Building forts.

Goofing off.
Looking out the window.
Enjoying warm banana bread (with a burned corner, on account of me not hearing the timer because I was too busy enjoying my three little boys).

People are people, and lives are lives, all over the world.  Our restaurants only have three walls and our kids hang on to our coat pockets in the wind rather than watch movies in the back of a Toyota Highlander, but details aside, we are pretty much the same as anybody else:)