November 05, 2010

Boys can color, too.

Sonlight homeschool curriculum is not very - shall we say - crafty. Learning through the absorption of outstanding literature is more the focus, which is why this English-major mom chose to go with it. Craftiness has to happen though, so we make our own. Bright initiated this turtle puppet project on our last day off, and while I was busy around the house, hollering, "I'll be right there" over and over, he decided he would create a turtle puppet all on his own. And he did. Completely on his own. From the materials, to the design, to cutting out the tiny turtle legs. I was more than impressed with this artistic deviation from his usual engineering prowess. He named the puppet Sea Horse, of course (broken hearts never forget).  Way to go, Bright the...artist?
And for your viewing enjoyment, Brave's first creation. Good job, Berve! He also said "Uv Ooo" the other day (Nov. 4 to be exact), and OF COURSE he said it to Daddy. Brave is our first daddy's boy.