November 16, 2010

Pray for Glory

Glory has a very major surgery on Wednesday, November 17, during which time she will be put on the bypass machine. Please pray for the doctors and for Kerry and Philip and Shari, and for Glory herself to be strong and resilient.

This surgery was not in the plans. They have recently found that "her pulmonary artery did not grow after her first heart surgery the way that it was supposed to. In addition, her left lung is very weak and underdeveloped and her left bronchial tube is completely collapsed when she exhales. These two new findings are very serious, and they are complicated further by her existing esophagus issue. After much discussion amongst Glory’s doctors, they believe the best next step for her is to do another heart surgery" (Kerry Morton).

Kerry wrote in an email yesterday, "Do you know what scare[s] me? Not that her years might be cut short here on this earth, but my overwhelming love for her. I admitted to myself that I was in love with her. It scared me beyond belief to be so in love with someone and also not know how much time I would get to spend with her."

Kerry's email went on to say that some of the best advice she has received is from another Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome mom named Sarah who's son, Bowen, has the same heart condition as Glory. Her advice was to "hold on loosely." What great advice! We should all love that way: completely, wholeheartedly, but with the understanding that our loved one does not belong in our tight grasp (nor is it even possible to contain her there).

Join with Daniel and I today (and the rest of Van Buren, Arkansas) in praying for Glory. Pray that the surgery will go well. Pray that she will recover quickly and impressively. Pray that her little body will endure this first year and all of the surgeries that she needs. Pray, as I have been, for a 20th birthday.