September 05, 2010

My Little "Henry"

We have been reading The Boxcar Children, and so naturally when Daddy announced that he was going away for a week, Bright declared himself "Henry," the oldest of the boxcar children and the one who goes into town for work and who fixes things and protects the other children.

When I fell ill this weekend, My Little Henry (pictured here with "Mat Man," the way to get a kid to draw if he doesn't like to draw) really stepped it up. He was picking up the house "so it wouldn't look junky," and being extra nice to his brothers, and keeping his attitude in check, all on his own! He would even stop by the couch periodically to lay his little hands on me and pray for my recovery.

Last night I was disappointed with something he did and I let him know it, and then later as I was on my way to bed, I thought about what a wonderful "Henry" he had been for me this week and I felt bad for being so hard on him. I snuck into his room, climbed into his bunk, and whispered "I love you" into his little ear.

What would the world be like without little boys? Not a very good world, that's for sure, and I would not be a very good woman without mine.