September 07, 2010

The good, the hot, and

When the one who was never made and will never end decided to create all of this, he knew.  He knew that it wouldn't be the stars or the canyons or the tide that would make us tick.  He knew that the good stuff would be "the voices of bride and bridegroom, the sound of millstones, and the light of the lamp" (Jer 25:10).  He also knew that to take these things from us would "completely destroy" us (Jer 25:9).

On days when the creator is on the background of my mind, I forget that he is the one who provided a way for the workmen to finally cover our squattie toilet with a real one.  He is the one who brought daddy back from America safely, lookin' all hot in his Top Gun T-shirt and Tom Cruise shades (that is a true miracle, lookin' hot after a 30 hour trip).

He is the one who is giving us the reason to paint the nursery pink.
We've NEVER seen a rolling pan and roller in that color at our house before.  Ex-CI-ting.

He knows whats up.  As he so perfectly puts it in Jeremiah, it's falling in love, good hard work, bread, and evenings of rest with family and friends that make this life worth living.  Our job is to remember that not one crumb of coffee cake graces our lips that didn't get there by his good graces alone.