September 06, 2010

Its an expat life

I always, ALWAYS forget to carry our (very big and clumsy) camera when we go out into the sunshine every afternoon before dinner.

Today, I grabbed the thing and stuck it under the stroller so that those of you who have not been, nor ever will be here can visualize afternoon playtime for the Rupps.

The view from Brave's bedroom window while we put on our socks in preparation for playtime:
The crazy white kids running around the play yard:
Brave in the play yard, with a peer and his/her grandmother.  It is impossible to tell small boys from girls because they shave all heads so their hair will grow in thicker and they dress all babies in pink.  Also, it is rare to see a small child out to play with his/her actual mother, for she is always at work making money, like her husband, to support her parents or in-laws while they stay home and care for the small child (only one child, since that is the law).  
The store beside the play yard from which I purchase eggs, milk, and juice while the kids play.  I could also buy, should I fancy, beer for the equivalent of $0.50 a can, liquor, glass dishes, candies, nuts, dried fruits, pickled everything-under-the-sun, butchered animals of different sorts, one bazillion different kinds of mushrooms, Coke (of course), a truly delicious array of vegetables, cleaning supplies, shampoo, ink pens, cigarettes, red-bean-flavored yogurt, or cuts from jiggling slabs of tofu.
The wonton makers in the store across the way.  This store, other than fresh daily wontons, sells mostly oil, rice, vinegars, green leafy vegetables, packaged rice noodle soups, and toiletries of all kinds.
The view looking up as we begin our walk back to our door:
The hen we stop to visit on our walk back to our door:
The tea house that we pass just before our gate entrance:
A nice lady from the tea house who emerges to play with Brave.  She actually speaks some English, and the kids are delighted!
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