September 16, 2010

I'll always remember

...when we ate fresh bread from our bread machine in the mornings because the bakery bread had an aftertaste.
...when my husband would bring me fresh flowers when he brought home the milk.
...when I wrote my kindergarten lesson plan on a notebook each night.
...when I taught the kids in the courtyard on a blanket.  I never want to forget: Bright and Zion dressed in their dragon pajamas because we are currently reading "My Father's Dragon;" our picnic snack of raisins, cut-up hot dogs, and pretzels that we ate lying down after washing our hands in a bowl of water, all just like the Romans (we are studying the Romans in history class); and me at 49 kg (you do the math and then feel free to be proud of me).
...when our toy bins were labeled in two languages.
...when we had to make our own graham crackers.
...when Bright's handwriting lesson included characters.
...when a little cartoon panda bear named Little Pim was the kids' first language instructor.