March 27, 2009

You gave me gold

Daniel and I have been marveling lately at the wonder of our children. Not that they are anything more spectacular than anyone else's children, but they are ours. As they run through our house, in white briefs and a puffy cloth diaper, I am amazed at their little backs, knotted with muscle, and their thick chests, perfectly proportioned, shaped at such a young age like men. I sometimes think about their insides, wondering at the size of Zion's heart, beating away, at the size of the tiny stomach digesting amniotic fluid inside the baby in my belly. Life is absolutely fascinating. Life that gives way to more life. It is the way we are made. Two hearts beating on an altar in Michigan seven years ago are now five hearts beating in a purple apartment in Asia. Thank you, Creator of the heavens and the earth, for taking away my filthy rags and clothing me with all of this.

Sarah Kelly sings, in her song LIFE IS, "I gave you a stone and you gave me a heart. Now I am yours. I gave you a tear, you gave me a song, and now I know what life is. I asked you for silver, and you gave me gold, and now I know what life is."