March 16, 2009

Back from the honeymoon

Love is a powerful thing.

Daniel and I are finished with the honeymoon stage (I'm not talking about our marriage, but rather living in Asia). Everything we thought was really cute when we first got here is starting to get on our nerves. They told us in training that this would happen, so we are not surprised. They also told us it would pass. If they told us what comes next, I don't remember. I think I was dozing during that particular seminar. I have a hunch, though, if this is anything like love.

My hunch is, when we accept the things we cannot change about this place, and decide to love the people and the culture in spite of the things that stress us out, not because they deserve it, but because He first loved us, than we will move forward into true love. Just like marriage, right?

But what gets us through for the time being? Random acts of kindness, I'm thinking. I'm sure you've all seen the movie Fireproof. I am going to try a Lovedare with Asia.

And love from home...that helps, too. Just the other day we received an Easter package from our dear friends, the Montagues, in Memphis. Their girls had decorated the outside of the box so beautifully that we were almost crying before we even cut the tape. And loving each other, that is so key; not taking our stress out on each other. And cute little kids running around our feet helps, too. Who can stay grumpy when your 1-year closes his eyes and moves in for an almost romantic kiss right on the mouth? Such love - such unabashed love - is more powerful than anything else.