March 02, 2009

Riding in style

Here are the promised pictures of what family transportation looks like for us over here. The first picture shows how crowded we were on Daniel's ride, and the second picture shows how nice and comfy we all are on our new three-wheeler. Yes, we are a two-scooter family. Daniel's is faster and more powerful, and can go longer distances without being charged - not to mention it has shocks - so it is much better for him to use in all of his travels. The three-wheeler is slow, wimpy, and has no shocks what-so-ever, but it is perfect for us to bump along to the park or to run errands or just to get out for a drive. Daniel has studied our city on Google Earth extensively, and can thus get us pretty much anywhere. Getting around in a taxi is not only more expensive, but it requires language proficiency which neither of us have (yet!). With our scooters, we are mobile all on our own. Of course, seatbelts are hard to come by here, but don't worry, we ordered some off of Ebay Motors and had them sent to my parents, who have sent them on to us. Daniel will install them as soon as they arrive. That way, too, I'll be hands-free when the new baby arrives.

When life gives you scooters, make a minivan!