March 12, 2009

A different world

The vast difference between our life now and our previous life no longer shocks me. Living in America seems like a very long and vivid dream that I once had. Things like strapping my kids into car seats, driving, pulling through a drive-through, being literate, blending into a crowd, trampling through a house with my shoes on, houses, backyards, shingled rooftops, eating an apple after only rubbing it on the front of my shirt...all seem like a lifetime ago. It is a strange and wonderful gift to live in another country - to lead a completely different life.

You will be happy to know that we received the seatbelts I ordered off of Ebay Motors, and Daniel installed them to our three-wheeler. Now the kids are safe(er) and I am hands-free.

Also pictured, me and my belly at 25 weeks, a cute picture of Zion, and Daniel and Bright standing at a mountain overlook the other day.