March 31, 2009

Money talks

One of the most interesting things about living over here right now is watching America struggle for breath from a distance. Don't think for a second that the rest of the world hasn't felt the shock waves of America's economic troubles. Where we live, unemployment is very high because America isn't buying as much of the stuff that's made over here. It is amazing how dependent countries are on one another. Economics baffles me. I dropped the class in college because I didn't want to fail. What is most puzzling to me is that money doesn't really have any value. It is made of paper and cheap metal, and most of the time it only exists in theory, being passed around and divided by the written word alone.

I asked my brother, Kody, on Facebook Chat this morning how he has been holding up with the economy the way it is, and he said he was kind of enjoying it. He said it was good to get back to the basics of life, remembering what is important and what is dispensable. I've been thinking about that all day. He is right. The things of real value stay standing when the things of perceived value fall away.

But no one puts it better than my dear friend Maddox (pictured here with his sister, Sady, and Bright) who said, and I quote, "I don't mind spending all my money. All it does is just set there anyway."