February 12, 2009

Tropical Storm Zion

Don't let this demure picture fool you. This boy is like a tiny tornado. Every day, and I am not exaggerating, Zion gains a new bruise (usually on his forehead) or a new cut, or he busts his lip and bleeds all over my shoulder. Every day. Daniel and Bright and I live our lives in peace, milling throughout the house, while Zion flies around like (as my dad would put it) "A fart in a whirlwind." An hour or so will go by without incident, and then a loud crash will sound followed by a moment of silence and then he will start screaming. The worst part of it for me is waiting until the bleeding has stopped so I can see if all of his teeth are intact.

So this is what it is like to live with Zion, or shall I say "Nionee" (which is what he calls himself - his way of saying "Zionee").

Oh Zion, you LOOK so sweet. I'll just be happy if we make it through your childhood with all of your limbs.