February 16, 2009

Have to give a shout out

I have to give a shout out to www.cottonbabies.com. This company not only sells the world's most incredible cloth diaper, the bumGenius, pictured above, but it supports people who are doing what we are doing. Their way of supporting people like us is to give diaper grants (a package of 15 bumGenius diapers, plenty for one child) to families who are roughing it out here in "the field." What a HUGE BLESSING. I told my friends over here about it, and so far ALL of those who have applied have gotten the grant. That is just one city, in one country alone. What a generous and amazing company!

So if any of you are doing what we are doing, apply for the grant (you have to be pregnant or have a baby under six months of age) and for the rest of you, SUPPORT THIS COMPANY! All of their products are wonderful. Organic clothes and toys, the best maternity T-shirts I've ever worn, and plenty of other wonderful stuff for you or the mommy/baby duos in your life.

Just had to give a shout out.