February 10, 2009

Daniel's 25 Things

I thought I would copy my friend, Candace, and put together a "25 Random Things List" for my husband. If you've been on Facebook lately, you've seen this survey going around. Poor Daniel isn't on Facebook because I accidentally erased his page one night when I was trying to make our information more secure. Woops! So here is what you might not know about Daniel Rupp.

1. He didn't know his mother's real name until he was 26 years old.
2. The land his mother and grandmother live on has been in his family for 8 generations.
3. He dreams of climbing Mount Everest, and would seriously do it if we had that kind of money.
4. His alter-ego is a ninja.
5. He is allergic to cold water (verified by medical examination)
6. He sleeps with a shirt over his eyes.
7. He soaks himself 1-2 times a day in a hot bath, without soap.
8. He only uses soap once a week or so.
9. He only washes his hair with soap once a month or so.
10. He is stronger than he looks.
11. He went to Boys State.
12. His Boys State roommate is now a congressman.
13. His grandpa flew B17 Bommers in WWII and lived to be an old man.
14. His favorite person in the world (except maybe me) is his sister.
15. His feet are perfect - beautiful really.
16. He can find a solution to any problem. Any problem at all.
17. He has Geographic Tongue.
18. He would have made a great combat soldier.
19. He is introverted, surprisingly enough.
20. He is the most sincere person I have ever met.
21. He can do a perfect split leap.
22. He was once in a bomb shelter in a war zone.
23. He would rather watch "Fight Quest" than football and he would rather watch "This Old House" than The Office.
24. He loves 80s ballads
25. He might not let me publish this. We'll see.