February 12, 2009


Allow me to introduce you to Kayleigh Greene. This cutie pie, with her bouncing red curls and bouncing little walk has marched into our lives in a big way. Her attentions are coveted by both of our boys. Bright is three, Kayleigh is two, and Zion is one. It is a real love triangle.

Just today we walked up the hill, past the Buddhist temple, and around the corner to her house (a journey the kids know well by now). The whole way, Zion shouted loudly and with glee, "Leigh, Leigh, Leigh." Bright just ran on ahead of us, determined no doubt to beat his younger brother to the girl. She shows no partiality between the boys, however. She gives no clues. She keeps them guessing.

A woman's heart is a mystery, after all. As it should be!

We love you, Leigh!