February 15, 2009

Happy Clementine's Day!

On the morning of February 14th, Bright woke up and shouted, "Is it Clementine's Day?!"

For two weeks he had walked by the wrapped gifts and cards from his grandparents. We had told him that he had to wait until Valentine's Day to open them. He had never heard of Valentine's Day, but he does have a little friend named Clementine Harper. So in his excitement I guess he got confused.

My mom and dad's gift was a shaving kit. They had two little boys of their own and so they know just what a 3-year-old boy wants: to be like Dad in every way. So after breakfast, Daniel set Bright up at the mirror and proceeded to teach him the ins and outs of shaving. He was so proud (they both were, really) and as I snapped pictures of this momentous occasion I couldn't help but see down the road to a day when Bright will be using a real razor for the first time. I'm sure he won't let me take pictures then. I'm sure I won't even know about it. He will probably remove two or three hairs way before it needs to be done. And then before long, he'll be sleeping in until 10 a.m. on a Saturday with a two-day shadow.

But for now, there is a blue and red toy razor in our bathroom drawer and a little step stool tucked under the sink. For now, February 14th is called Clementine's Day and Bright doesn't mind his mother following him into the bathroom with a camera.