January 24, 2008


Yesterday I got my nose pierced. I was inspired by my new "hippie" deodorant. We walked down A1A to Generation X, and Jimmy pierced my nose. (Jimmy is pictured with me here). It was so good to be there, talking to people like Jimmy, who we would otherwise never run into. The general manager was an Israeli Jew named Avi, who has only been in the States for eight years. We got to hear him speak Hebrew (a great treat for Daniel). Though a tattoo artist himself, he has no markings on his own body, because he is a Jew. He was fascinating. His eyes filled with tears of passion when he talked about the Song of Solomon. "It is a book about the love between G and his people," he said, "and about what it will be like when the 'anointed one' comes."

I highly recommend getting your nose pierced. I was surprised at how little it hurt. There was some pressure, but no real pain. And it didn't swell or turn red. My mom wasn't too thrilled, but Daniel loves it.