October 18, 2007

Deep Reflections and Deep Traditions.

As I reflect on the passing of my 28th birthday, it becomes clear to me that there are some wonderful perks to being in this stage of life. Allow me to mention two:

Kayla has brought a wonderful tradition to our home. Everytime its your birthday in our family, you choose what's for dinner and the kind of cake you get. You only get that dinner once a year, so its really special. I always have her special Cajun chicken pasta and her phenominal carrot cake.

Another thing that brings great joy to my heart is the fact that Bright has recently mastered the art of pulling my finger. Often, he would like it to work a little more than humanly possible. I'll make a toot sound with my mouth, but it's just not quite as funny as the real thing. Even at 2, he instinctively and sincerely appreciates the true humor of gas.

As many of you know, he has his pronouns totally confused. He says "I" or "my" and is really talking about you. He says "you" and is talking about himself. The other day he said, "Want you to pull my finger, and I will toot out of my belly and not out of my mouth."