October 31, 2007

Empty handed

Yesterday I had promised Bright that we could paint the extra pumpkins. On went the paint clothes, bundled was the baby, and everything was ready to go outside and commence the pumpkin painting. One problem: I couldn't get to the paints. They were pinned under the bed in such a way that I would have had to disassemble the bed frame to remove the box that held them. (As you can see, we are not the most artistic family). In my disappointment I said to Bright, "We can't paint today. Mama can't get to the paints," and I walked out of the room.

A second later, I heard Bright running through the apartment yelling with glee, "I found em. I found the paints, the FOUND em!!!" I was curious and a little hopeful, so I met up with him in the kitchen. He turned around to face me and in his little outstretched hands was...nothing. Absolutely nothing. And he said, "HERE are the paints. I found em."

Imagination. Positive thinking. Joy. Making due. Dad, I pray that today, in the midst of my discouragement, you would teach me to reach out my empty hands and rejoice about what I have. Amen.