June 07, 2013

sentenced to home school

Before we had kids - or before we had school age kids - Daniel and I were terrified of home school.  It not only looked like an unnecessary amount of work on our part, but it seemed unnatural for kids to stay with their mothers all day, every day.

But then we moved here, where international school is astoundingly expensive, and local school (for our kids) would be too far of a cultural stretch.  It would be like telling my dad to do the splits.  While juggling.

Home school started to look like our only option.  It felt like a prison sentence at first, I admit.  Ordering materials, and then trying to make sense of them, literally started me to panicking.  I cried so hard I almost threw up.  No joke.

But now I've been a home school mom for three years running, and Daniel and I no longer fear it.  In fact, we LOVE it.  Being together all day, every day is the most natural thing in the world.  The amount of work is arguably less than moms who manage the education, schedules, and extra-curricular activities of their kids who go to school outside the home.  Truthfully, I'm grateful that I am in a position to choose home school.  I know many moms who would like to do it, but for financial reasons or otherwise, they simply cannot. 

And so this afternoon, we wrapped up another great year!  I am so proud of my handsome grads, and  I love my job.