October 06, 2012

thirty two

My birthday has come around 32 times now.  I don't care much for big parties.  Fusses make me squirm.  I don't mind affording myself a few simple pleasures on my day, however.  There is no harm in that.

So this October 6th started off with me opening the package from Miss Candle (CDC), after which I quickly donned my new scarf and earrings from the package and wore them to breakfast at the golden arches with the Greenes.  When we were finished devouring our sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffins, the kids rode their bikes on a stretch of concrete behind McDonald's and we adults laughed about stupid things.  It was grand.

Next we swung by our favorite bakery and picked up the tiramisu-chocolate layer cake that my hubby surprised me with.  What a sweetheart, and what a delicious cake. 

Then I opened my birthday gift from Allison, and inside the box was a brand new pair of red Tom's!  I love them.

I spent the afternoon getting a massage with Alisa, followed by a long, hot shower at home.  Glorious.  Then we six Rupps skipped next door to eat Chinese takeout with Alan and Shannon and their kids.  I went to bed with loose back muscles, and full tummy, and a happy heart.