October 21, 2012

Adoptive Mom's (support) Group

For 14 months now, I have been praying for G0D to sustain me through this journey as an adoptive mom.  He has been doing just that, but now he has given me a very practical help.

Every-other Sunday afternoon, I sit around in a circle, sometimes popping chocolates and/or sipping coffee, with a group of fellow adoptive moms.  A counselor and friend (and adoptive mom) leads the group, and under her guidance we attempt to navigate the waters of this vast ocean upon which we are all sailing (or swimming in, depending on the day). 

Until I was invited to join this group, I had nowhere to go with the feelings that are so specific to adoptive moms.  It turns out I am normal.  Sigh of relief there.  It also turns out there is hope.  Sigh of relief again.

There is nothing quite like being understood.  Practical advise from those who have been sailing longer than I have is invaluable, too.  I am so grateful to have my new (support) group.

G0D provides what is needed for his children.  Every time.