October 27, 2012


Had a rough one.  Up since 4:30 a.m. with Zion while he upchucked over the side of my bed into the trash can.  Momentous occasion, though, ya know? That first stomach virus after they're reasonable enough to use a trash can rather than their pajamas, sheets, covers, pillows, 52 stuffed animals, and the space between their bed and the wall.  Emptying a trash can is easy.

Jubilee has diarrhea, and strange sores on her face.  Some of the other kids in the neighborhood have Hand, Foot, and Mouth right now, so I would say she's got that except she isn't running a fever.  Who knows what all we've got.  I'll tell you what we've got, we've got DOOTSAKAS (Daddy Out Of Town So All Kids Are Sick).  Seems like we always get DOOTSAKAS.  You can put your money on it.

Daddy is coming home this evening, supposedly.  He just texted me from the airport down country saying that the plane is delayed.  Of course it's delayed.  I'd be shocked to hear otherwise.  The kids are in their beds with their sores and their trash cans, and I'm in here trying to avoid the house which seems to be screaming at me from every room, "Get these toys and books and things put away, we feel miserable!"  I'm surprised the house isn't screaming for a glass of water like Jubilee is doing.  I better go get the girl a drink before she bursts the lesion under her nostril.

Before I go, here's a picture of my three-year-olds having some downtime before DOOTSAKAS set in.  They are cute, and I love them.  I'm just ready for backup, y'all!