May 02, 2008

The Wonder Years

As a kid, my favorite show was The Wonder Years. I loved the theme song, the cheesy life lessons, and the raspy voice-over. I was 10, but already I could recognize the good things in life.

Like yesterday, when Daniel and I sat in the middle of the parking lot outside our apartment, eating peanuts and drinking tea, watching our two small children ride bikes and push wagons in circles on the grease-stained pavement. As we held hands across the mesh cup holders in our camping chairs, I thought of the Corona commercials on TV. You know, the ones where the two lovers are on some remote beach, sitting in lawn chairs and drinking Coronas. As the viewer, I am to associate Corona with paradise. The thought made me smile. The closest thing to paradise in this life is being with my sons while they still want to be with me. It's putting down the laundry and saying "yes" when Bright says, "Mom, do you want to come in my room?" The truth is, we are racing toward the day when the only time I'll go in my son's room will be to pick up his socks while he is away at school or ball practice.

Right now, right here, in the parking lot, holding hands with my husband, both of us young and strong and free of physical pain and hearing loss and dementia, watching our sons totter around at our feet - right now I am living The Wonder Years.