May 27, 2008

Hang on tight

Well folks, we have our official university placement in East Asia, and we are on track to move in August! In fact, just yesterday we finalized our apartment arrangements. It has three bedrooms and it is near campus. We will start paying rent in July...for a place on the other side of the planet! That blows my mind.

This morning, in fact, Daniel and I were bidding on things that the present tenant is selling before he moves. We really hope we get the electric hand mixer, something that is otherwise available only in Thailand. We also hope to get the electric water heater for the shower, so we'll have hot showers during the rainy season when the solar-powered water heater doesn't always work.

There is so much ahead of us that is completely unknown. I feel somewhat like we are canoeing slowly downstream, pushing our way through the overhanging branches and squinting in the sunshine. Up ahead is wide open water rushing over a cliff, and the only thing for us to do is hang on tight.