May 07, 2008

Humor me

The other day, my friend Candace posted a list of little things that bring her great joy. Just to make sure the world wide web is in balance, I'll post a list of little things that drive me nuts (due to the fact that I've had the kids by myself since Saturday, I think I'm entitled this moment of cynical indulgence).

1. The can opener when it leaves that little piece of lid uncut
2. When Bright closes his mouth over the toothbrush while I'm brushing his teeth
3. The faucet (or pipes, or water heater - whichever is to blame) when the hot water takes a million years to get hot
4. Stubbing my pinkie toe on the foot of the highchair, which sticks out absurdly far
5. Loading up both kids in the car and driving to Wal-Mart, only to find that I've left my wallet at home
6. Myself, when I volunteer to bring a meal to a new mom while Daniel is out of town
7. The way an 11-month-old squirms like a wild alligator when I'm trying to wipe the poop off of his buns, and his legs, and his stomach...and now my wrists...ooh, and now my shirt
8. Trying to get my three-year-old to eat his vegetables
9. My hair
10. Being a single mom (even if it's just for a week)

NOTE: You'll be happy to know that Daddy gets home tonight, so my pleasant, uplifting blogs will be returning