April 15, 2008

A snapshot of our lives

Here is a list of everything that is presently on my kitchen table:

-two dinner plates, one with a heap of roasted cabbage still on it
-bottle of Mr. Clean Multi-Surface cleaner, 40 oz., Summer Citrus scent, unopened
-bottle of Lysol Cling Gel toilet bowl cleaner, unused
-16" bicycle tire inner tube, in the box
-two bottles of hand soap
-two baby bibs
-hair brush
-pink long stemmed rose
-my cell phone
-my Visa Mileage Plus Card
-Zion's gray sweatpants (12 month size)
-gift bag with matching tissue paper
-Lightning McQueen sippy cup
-5 oz. bottle of Tabasco sauce, the top wrapped in foil because the cap is long gone
-magnetic grocery list pad
-three cookbooks
-stack of mail
-this computer
-my elbows

...and somehow, we all managed to eat at this table tonight, without moving a single thing.