April 13, 2008

A note to a new friend

Hello all. The following began as a comment on the blogsite of Blake, the creator of my pendant. I decided instead to post it on our site. Blake, I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts to you with everyone.

I feel like I know you, now. Your blog about my blog about my pendant that is your craftsmanship blessed me more than you know. Thank you. I want to share something else.

The other day was our oldest son's 3rd birthday. He loves the movie Cars. Have you seen it? Anyway, my husband and I made a helipad cake and carefully put the movie's token helicopter toy on top. It took us nearly all day to complete. Our son loved it, and everyone at the party commented on it, but no one appreciated or enjoyed it like we did.

Later that night, Daniel uttered a most profound comment about the above scenario. "No one loves the creation like the creator.

So, my friend, though it is hard to imagine, you must love this pendant more than I do. It seems impossible to me, but I know it to be true. I feel honored to wear it, and I will wear it well, I promise.

But the most lovely thing for me to ponder is this: As I felt about that helipad cake, The Holy One feels about me. Just like me looking at a picture of the cake (before we cut it up and ate it) - noticing the colors and shapes and details - so the Creator of the universe looks at me. Pleased.

That rocks my world!

And he is pleased with you, too. He is so very pleased with you. Bless you, brother. Enjoy your calling!