April 26, 2008

Daddy can do anything

Yesterday Bright's favorite toy broke. He got an aircraft carrier for his birthday that has a crane arm with a hook attached to a rope that lowers a rescue boat down into the "water." Yesterday, the rope broke inside of the crane arm and there was no way to re-spool it.

No way...unless your daddy is Daniel Rupp. Daniel calmed his heart-broken sobs with promises to fix the broken crane just as soon as he got a chance. I wondered what he had in mind. Then this afternoon, as I threw together a quick casserole, Daniel and Bright hawled out Daniel's cordless drill and proceeded to drill through the small plastic toy crane until they had sufficient access to the spool within. Daniel tied a quick knot in the rope and Bright retreated to his bedroom to play rescue ship once again.

Bright wasn't the least bit surprised that Daniel fixed the crane. I had to prod him to even say thank you. In his eyes, his dad can do anything. And even though Daniel CAN do most things, he can't do everything. But don't tell that to Bright. He believes otherwise.