March 19, 2008

Where does my strength come from?

Yesterday we were watching a Thomas movie, in which a song was being sung about strength. The words went something like, "You need strength to get to the top, strength to keep going when things get rough," etc., etc. I didn't like my son being infiltrated with this message of relying on our own strength. But then I thought it wouldn't be so bad if he knew WHERE that strength comes from. So I thought I'd teach him. It turns out he already knew.

"Bright," I asked, interupting the movie, "where does our strength come from?"

"J - ," was his one-word reply, and he kept watching the movie. Fears scattered, and feeling humbled, I settled back in beside him. I realized at that moment that even though I can't keep Bright from the world and it's messages, I can give him the context with which to perceive them. And it appears we are well on our way. Thank you, Dad.