March 25, 2008

The apprentice

What can I say, maybe I'm just lazy, but I hate dragging out paints for Bright. He slaps the paint brush over the paper a few times, getting more paint on my kitchen table than the paper, and then off he goes to play with his matchbox cars again, leaving me with a huge mess to clean up and hardly anything to show for it. I mean, if he LOVED painting, I would let him cover the living room rug with shades of reds and blues, but truth be told, he'd rather drag the bike lock around the front yard and pretend it is his pet snake named "C." His creativity, though very present, is not triggered by a box of crayons. And I, and my living room rug, are OK with that.

But there is one thing he and I both LOVE to do, and that is cook. He ties on one of my aprons and stands on a chair, ready to measure, level, dump, pour, and stir. He's very patient with it, and he loves tasting his creations. The way I see it, I'm in the kitchen anyway, making the mess anyway, and we have to eat after all, so it is the perfect messy activity to do with my son. The other day, when these pictures were taken, we were making poppy seed muffins. It was his idea to wear the John Deere hat. I guess it helped him feel more manly in the flowery apron. I just really enjoy my little helper!