September 21, 2007

The Prayer Tunnel

Every night I get to pray with Bright. At first, I did so in the same voice I talked to him with - a sweet, daddy-loves-you kind of voice. Then the other day, I realized that my son never really hears the way I talk to G0D when it's just me and Him. So I decided to change things up a bit. I still pray kid-style sometimes for sure, but he needs to see how his dad talks with THE dad.

So, some nights we started getting on our knees. Most nights I'd lay hands on him. Every night I called on the power of the Ho1y Sp!rit to fill him, to make him a mighty man. Things I usually ask for him, but not over him, and not to his face.

A few nights ago we were on our knees and elbows, side by side, in front of his crib, and I was talking to G0D. After a few seconds, he scooted over to me, crawled and nudged his way under my knees and elbows - to a place we have now deemed "the prayer tunnel." As he crawled inside, he said, "Want I to touch you." Bright's still got his pronouns mixed up, so that translates - "Daddy, why aren't you laying hands on me?"

Last night, I was praying over him in the crib. He quickly grabbed my hand, put it on his belly, and to my surprise said, "Want I to pray for your spirit."