September 19, 2007

The Floating Axheads

If I were a musician - which I'm not - and I ever had a band, I would call it The Floating Axheads. Why, you might ask? If you're not familiar with the story, read about Elijah in 2 Kings. One of Elisha's buddies dropped a borrowed axhead into the water. The prophet threw a stick in after it, and the piece of iron floated to the surface. These are the bible stories that I love. The laws of physics would say that iron does not float. But Dad defied his own laws and raised the axhead from the bottom of the Jordan. I am like a piece of iron. The laws of sin and death would send me straight to the bottom of hell. Iron just does not float. But He defied his own laws and raised me to the surface, toward a stick, with a man hanging on it in a loin cloth. Praise the King of floating axheads!

Now, if I ever had a race horse, I'd name it Icy Cold Beverage...but for no particular reason at all.