April 30, 2017

She joins the ranks!

Finally, just shy of her 8th birthday, after years of watching her friends and brothers bite down on bloody gauze and pull money out from under their pillows, our little angel girl has lost her first tooth.

It happened at McDonald's, at her friend Zeb's birthday. She thought she had a fry stuck in her teeth. She pulled at the fry but it wouldn't come away from her gums. She brought the problem to my attention.

I squealed like a kid, "She's going to lose her first tooth! Hey everybody, she's going to lose her first tooth, right here at McDonald's, on Zeb's birthday!"

Everybody gathered around. Daniel grabbed a napkin off the tray and folded it over the tooth.

"It's so small," he said. "I can barely get my fingers on it."

But then he moved his big hand just a bit and pulled the napkin away, leaving behind a perfectly square hole.

This picture was taken the next day (the lighting in McDonald's had been poor so I didn't get a good shot). We are so happy for our baby who now has one less baby tooth. Now she won't have to feel like such a baby anymore.