April 04, 2017

Right up there with Paul and the Good Shepherd

Zion reads The Word. Every night, past bedtime, but of course we allow it. Wouldn't you?

He tells us in the morning at the breakfast table all about what he read the night before. This morning he reported about Solomon's two sons, Rehoboam and Jeroboam, and what each son grew up to do.

Of course his seminary dork of a father beams at him, his face rolling back into that certain smile that only his children can coax forth. I butter the toast and send my thanks up with the steam. It is a good, good thing to see the soul of your child wrap itself around G0D like rope.

The other night - I just have to share - Zion said at bedtime, "The thing I'm most looking forward to about Heaven are the church services."

This remark brought sidelong glances from his siblings, who no doubt were thinking (as most kids would), 'We're looking forward to the unending screen time and sweets, but sure, you go ahead and long for those church services.'

Zion went on.

"I mean, can you imagine when it's Paul's turn to preach?!" He had a point there. "And do you think they'll let Jesus preach?"

"I'm sure they will," I said (my weak interjection into his inspired vision).

And then this:

[gasp] "OOH MAMA! Do you think they'll let Daddy preach?"