April 25, 2017

Good life

Gene wants to fly drones for the U.S. Navy.

Zion wants to do what his dad and I do, only in a "real" place like Africa;)

Brave is determined to raise his family in Madagascar alongside his best friend, Zeb. The two of them hope to own a plane, flying people and supplies around the island.

Jubilee can't be bothered with such daydreams. She has both feet planted firmly in the here and now. Always has. 

But all of them would like to live as a long as this guy (except for Gene who hopes to go down in a blaze of glory before his body gets old):
This is our neighbor's grandfather's 90th birthday party.
Brave looks unsure, but Zion seems genuinely proud of the guy.
The man on the right is our neighbor and dear friend.
And this butterball is the birthday boy's great-grandson. 

To long life! To good life!