August 28, 2016

Jubi Sue is seven

You can't have it all, right? You're either beautiful or brilliant, congenial or gifted, athletic or musical. You're either focused or flexible, generous or kind, witty or down to earth.

Unless you're Jubilee Rupp, and then you're all of those things. And more.

Happy belated seventh birthday to the most incredible little girl I've ever known. What did I ever do to deserve the privilege of being your mom?! I love you sooooo much!
Making her wish.
Eating her requested birthday breakfast. The girl loves protein!
She turned seven at Grandma and Grandpa's!
Her very own Rey costume!
She looks so cute in it, too! Look at the strength in that face. That beautiful face.
Celebrating her birthday at the beach with Sharlet and Cadence.
She's such a little lady now!
Such a good sister to her three big brothers.
Such a good sport.
Such a world traveler.
Such a quiet soul.
Such a gift.