August 02, 2016

A tired father is a good father.

Father's Day came and went without a blog post, but not without breakfast in bed. His first ever, he says. It's hard to believe we've never made him breakfast in bed, but I guess he's right. I can't remember any other time.

And then we took him to the movies to see Finding Dory.

You'll notice that he looks quite sleepy in both of these pics! But in the same way that a messy kitchen indicates a well-fed family, a tired dad points to well-loved kids.

A tired father is a good father.

Look at this hammock stand he installed onto the boys' triple bunk bed. Now I guess it's a quadruple bunk bed.

He has taught his young sons to push Mom's grocery cart without complaint (with the help of their buddy Zeb, who is also being brought up right!).

And he has taught his young daughter that in Daddy's arms she can rest in peace.

In the midst of all this fathering, he has time to surprise me with a roaring fire on our rooftop - one of my favorite things.

And if need be, he'll even carry his friend's baby on his back.
(Sweet Addy Girl xoxo)
So there you have it, Man Of The Year if you ask me ( or Gene, Zion, Brave, or Jubilee). Happy belated Father's Day, babe! We love you so very, very much.

p.s. Happy belated Father's Day to the best grandpa who ever lived, but that will be another post;)