August 26, 2016

California dreamin'

My first visit to California in the summer of 2016 was not unlike my first bite of beignet in the spring of 1996: sweet and warm, strangely comforting, and yet utterly unique.

The sky is so blue.

The specialized snack options for people like me are ENDLESS.

Where else can one snap a selfie with Mario Lopez in the background?

If you go to Southern California, you must try the restaurant at Malibu Pier. Oh. My.

The first week we were there, the kids and I spent our days with our dear friends, Tanya and Patrick and kids, while Daniel was in class. To say that it was good to see them again would be a huge understatement.

These girls. Besties reunited at last, if even for a short while.

Though Gene and Zion were having a blast in Michigan with my parents, they hated to miss the chance to see Sasha and Emma again. But we pray that another chance will present itself someday.

I'll go ahead and post some pics of the boys during this time, having the time of their lives in Michigan, reeling in the fish faster than Grandpa's filet knife could keep up.

The second week in California, Daniel's mom and sister and the rest of the gang came to join us! To say that it was good to see them would be a catastrophic understatement. Again, Gene and Zion were grieved to miss out, but at least Brave and Jubilee got to spend some quality time with their cousins. And Daniel, though he was in class most of the time, was thrilled to be with his family. It was a splashin' in the waves, cruisin' Hollywood, nibbling on fried fish by the boardwalk kind of time.

And we finished everything off with bangs for Jubilee. No more barrettes! She's a big girl now.