November 02, 2015

Tractor Treating

Halloween is a bigger deal in the States than I remember it being when I was a kid. In a good way, mostly, though some of the costumes and front yards this year were a bit excessive. I had to laugh when Gene said, "How did a holiday that started out as a bunch of kids dressed up as superheroes become so demonic?" Good question, kid!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our first American Halloween. 

Gene as a ghost, Brave as a skeleton, Zion as a dinosaur, and Jubilee as Elsa. Cousin Eliana is a unicorn.
We found one of PawPaw's flight suits and Daniel let me gel his hair to dress as Top Gun.
Our dear unicorn and pickle accompanied us. (Allison and Wes)
The host and hostess, Philip and Kerry.
MoMo came to the party all the way from Who-ville.
Who knew Maverick had a blue-haired sister?
We tried to think of ways to make her hair white, but a black-haired Elsa is pretty cute, no?
Of COURSE we carved pumpkins. Look at that concentration.
And look what they did!
A six-year-old carved this! Way to go, Jubilee.

Then of course there was trick-or-treating, which in our case was "tractor treating," thanks to Uncle Philip and the blue tractor.

Posing by the blue tractor.
Out of costume.

It was a ghoulish,
foolish time.
Happy Halloween, America.