November 04, 2015

War Eagle

There is an artisan fair called War Eagle, to which we like to go whenever we find ourselves in Arkansas in the Fall. One is bound to find some way to blow one's money, whether on funnel cakes and lemonade, handmade soaps, personalized ornaments, or carved wooden spoons. Other than record high temperatures, which turned our shopping day into a bit of a dog day, we had a wonderful time!
Scarecrows and cousins
Momo keeping cool near the water's edge.
Stained glass, mums, and our little girl.
Ms. Allison and Gene, friends forever.
Cute Aunt KK
He was a good sport about it all.
And he managed to get some work done in the shade.

Overpriced snacks.
Overpriced beverages.
Overpriced souvenirs.
Beautiful girls, all three of them.
An artisan named Hank in a leopard print/floral silk shirt? Sure, why not. That's War Eagle.