March 18, 2015


Over lunch today, Gene said:

"Life goes like this. First we are zippy-zappy kids. Then we are confused tweens. Then crazy teens.  Then we become calmer adults, who stay up late watching movies, doing their finances, and making sure nobody eats sweets. After that we turn into really nice old people who tell stories. Then it's time to strap on our jetpacks and go to Heaven."

Alrighty then.

Here is the little philosopher now, wearing his new socks from Grammy, hand-knit with love. These socks are a product of Gene mentioning over Facetime recently that good socks are hard to come by. Now, what knitting-needle-wielding grandmother can resist such a cry for help? I measured his feet and Grammy set to work (from her RV in Arizona, of course). The package was shipped, the package arrived, and now Gene declares these the best socks ever worn by two feet.

Gene also told me I should pick up knitting, since I, "Get all my skills from Grandma anyway." I guess almost-ten-year-olds have it all figured out.