March 08, 2015

Comings and goings

Good people come into our lives all the time. That's the good news. The bad news? Good people go out of our lives all the time.


We say it waaayyy more than anyone should have to. And we said it again this week, to our dear friends who are moving to his homeland, where she doesn't speak the language and doesn't quite fit in (boy, do we know what that's like). The least we can do at these tearful partings is throw a party, complete with a sponge cake torte. Heck, if we plan to boo-hoo all evening, we may as well do it over food.

And yet, good people come into our lives, too, as I've already said. Prime example: this week Daniel and I are gaining a sister-in-law and the kids are gaining an aunt! My brother Jack will marry Melissa in the presence of his kids while on a cruise ship! I got a text message from him this morning saying that they had landed safely in Florida and were preparing to set sail. Welcome to the family, Melissa!

Another welcome is in order, too, though on a smaller scale:) We now have two bunnies! Our three-year-old lop, George Fuzzy, has been paired with a gorgeous caramel-colored European cottontail (purely for companionship, as George is neutered). The female, to whom the kids have given the name Winifred, is what you might call "big boned" (she outweighs George by quite a bit) but she is the SWEETEST thing. We think George is crazy to be so standoffish. Daniel tried having a talk with George, man-to-man, telling George that Winnie is the best thing that has ever happened to him, that he'll never do any better than her, that he's not getting any younger, yada yada yada, but so far George hasn't listened. Oh well, the internet says it will take a couple of weeks for the bonding to be complete, and then they'll be inseparable. We hope so! We will be away from home for six months starting in June and we didn't want George to be lonely.
George after his prenupual grooming (I trimmed his dread locks and toe nails, and wiped out his eyes with a warm cloth). 

Daniel bringing Winnie up the stairs.

A little meet-n-greet.

Daniel and Gene turning our veranda into a bunny enclosure.

The pair in their new home.