March 24, 2015

The "one"

For years now I've preached against dating, claiming that when you find "The One" you'll know, right off the bat, and that'll be that.

Because that's how it went for Daniel and me.

But what I'm learning in my old(er) age is that what is true for one person is not necessarily true for someone else. In fact, believing in the myth of "The One" might actually be detrimental to the sacrament of marriage. When things go amuck in the marriage (as things most certainly will from time to time), the believer in said-myth might be tempted to think, 'She must not be the one,' or 'He must not be the one,' and then be tempted to head off in search of this fabled "one."

I'm starting to think that I had the order wrong. First you marry someone, and that makes him or her the one. He or she is, after all, "the one" you married. Could there be anyone else out there for you? Who cares, because you'll never be single again to find out.

And you wouldn't want to be.

The point isn't marrying the perfect person, because perfect people don't exist. The point is marrying the person you love, and then working together toward a marriage that can never be perfect, but can be utterly amazing none-the-less.

And it is on that note that I would like to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rademaker. Lovely couple, don't you think?

Here's to your lifetime together, my dear brother and his dear wife. I love you both.