September 08, 2014

NEAR and dear

This week we have a family in our home who we've known and loved for years and years. Lydia shared an office space with Daniel at his first ministry job, her husband John stood up in our wedding, they were there in the hours following the birth of our first child, etc. Having them here with us is a blessing beyond description, truly.

More pics to come, but here is our kid bunch minus Bethany who was a teeny bit too nervous/young for the ropes course.
The Harrigans are here for their second adoption, this time to bring their daughter Lily into their family in just a matter of days! Graciously they gave us the week prior to the adoption, flying to our city just to see us. There is oh so much catching up going on over here, and card playing, mass Lego building, pound cake eating, and a general soaking up of each others' company in this brief but glorious visit. We only wish we could have met Lily, too, but we will meet her next summer when we go Stateside.

Now if only the Chaneys and Harpers were here, too..