September 29, 2014

a little research

My agent and I are still waiting to hear back from the publisher(s) about my freshman novel, and in the meantime, it's on to my sophomore novel. Presently I'm doing a bit of research. One of my research excursions was to a symphony in town, featuring a dramatic piano solo. Have you ever heard a Brahms piano solo? Banged out with utmost gusto by a Chinese woman in a red strapless dress?

Wow. It was just wow.

My company that night were these four women, who are (from left): a tiny Korean lady, with whom I communicated in Chinese, a very tall American watercolor painter who grew up in Papua New Guinea, a Finnish pianist and friend, and a very cute French teacher from France. And me - the one with four kids at home and a wonderfully supportive husband who wants me to be a novelist probably even more than I do. 

I kinda love my life.