September 13, 2014

25 and counting

Daniel and I were with John and Lydia Harrigan, Jack and Candace Chaney, and Lee and Korrie Harper the night Jason Upton and his band challenged the married couples in the audience to reproduce. Incidentally, all 8 of us accepted the challenge. Never mind the fact that all 8 of us were penniless newlyweds in the depths of grad school with no idea how to raise houseplants much less children. At that point, I don't think I'd yet made a successful pie crust. What were we thinking??

We weren't.

We weren't. We were trusting G0D (nobody can trust G0D like the young and the poor, am I right?)

And this week, Daniel and I and our kids received the Harrigan family into our home. On Monday, John and Lydia will become parents once again, this time to their beautiful Chinese daughter Lily.

With the addition of Lily Harrigan, our little group of 8 has now officially become a group of 25.
The Harrigan/Rupp kids (minus Lily) in order from back to front: Zion, Samuel, Eugene, Benjamin, Brave, Bethany, Jubilee.