May 26, 2013

just getting started

My mentor and dear friend, Allison, (whose youngest just graduated from high school) sent a "Happy Anniversary" greeting our way this week.  In it she wrote that 11 years is really something, yet in so many sweet ways, Daniel and I are just getting started.  How true!

I feel it has taken us 11 years to learn to argue well, to pray well, to trust well, to fail well, to overcome well: to love well.  It has taken us 11 years to realize that which needs our attention, and that which does not.  We are just starting to live the way we would like our kids to live one day, and we are each just beginning to discover our individual callings and dreams.

I am excited for the decade laid out before us!  This is the decade in which all the kids are kids (no more babies, and no teens yet), and in which we still look and feel young (as long as you don't zoom in too far;), and in which anything is still possible.

I love you, Daniel Rupp.  In the words of Sarah Kelly, "I asked [God] for silver, and [He] gave me gold!"

You, Babe, are my gold.  Happy 11th anniversary.

And here is what we did to celebrate!  My handsome guy took me to Mooney's Pub at the ShangriLa Hotel for my FAVORITE steak, a ribeye, cooked medium and slathered in butter.  After that we went to the movies to see "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise (good movie), and the best part about that was Daniel reserved us VIP seats.  We sat in leather recliners while a theater attendant brought around popcorn, coke, beef jerky, and nachos.  It was a wonderful celebration of the wonderful gift that is our marriage.