May 07, 2013


I am in the middle of 7-day fruit flush.

According to DiagnosTechs Lab in Washington State (to which I shipped samples of my own saliva all the way from East Asia last month), my hormone levels are way off.  My chiropractor and friend, Dr. P, in Holland, MI took the time to analyze the test results and put together a treatment plan.  Yesterday we received a large box from my parents which included such gems as reusable totes from Meijer, birthday gifts for our kids, a knit afghan in brilliant orange that was lovingly handmade by my wonderful mom, and the bottles of supplements from Dr. P that will hopefully restore my gimpy pituitary gland.

In the mean time, I'm flushing.  I figured a good cleanse couldn't hurt.  The first two days of eating only fruit I felt terrible.  I had a massive headache, felt nauseous, had zero energy, and wanted to stay in bed all day (which of course I couldn't do).  The second day I felt the same, until evening.  This morning, day three, I feel great!  I have tons of energy and my mind feels clear for the first time in weeks.  When I'm hungry, I just make another smoothie.  I did, however, discover that coconut milk wreaks major havoc in my system.  Who knows what that's about.

That's the scoop to date.  Hoping I'll feel like myself very, very soon!  My family hopes so too.

p.s.  If I ever figure out what caused all this, I'll divulge.  The suspects right now are birth control pills and diet drinks, both of which I have consumed in large quantities in recent years.  I suggest staying away from both.